Monday, April 22, 2013

the BIG reveal is here!

I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. But Monday is here and marked on my iphone calendar is: migrate my blog. Please be patient with me as I try to blend both sites together. 

So as not to confuse anyone else but me, this is the last of posting I will do in this "orange setting." 

Sparrow gets a makeover:) And it happens today!!!!

I will provide the link below to take you over to my new blog. And then if you want to continue to follow me, there is a place to sign up with your email address on the new site that will let you know anytime I post something new. Very EASY.

You still with me? Okay, here goes the new link.

My new blog is called: a hop, skip and a leap

All my "old" content has been moved over to the new site and categorized. I invite you to click the link above to see the makeover:)

I leave my last posting on this old site with one last project. The caption reads:

You thought I was kidding: porch before & after

And here I am enjoying the first 80 degree day in my blue chair. 

See ya around the corner at a hop, skip and a leap ahead! 


PS - if for some very good reason, this doesn't go through like I envision it, please let me know! I've learned a LOT on this tech process but am still learning. I hope I know what I'm doing! If I lose you in cyberspace, you can still find me:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

before I forget

I am home. Standing before the mirror washing off traces of what is left of my makeup, I stop a minute and look into my eyes. Eyes tonight that have seen too much of the "ugly" side of life. Eyes that will soon close in needed prayer and rest.

Chuck and I spent the past five hours in the presence of three transitional homeless families. We read to and played with precious lively children. I got to hold a sweet baby boy while bottle feeding. We shared our supper with them. And while crunching on tacos, we heard their stories.

Three moms who live in a world vastly unlike mine. A world that I can't fix. The best we could do was what we did.

Mostly listen.

Offer a few affirmations of how far they have come this past year, or how hard they are trying in their parenting class, or "good job, you made it 20 months drug free!"

Before we slipped out the door, I hugged them and in a quiet spirit of love, I shared with them about Someone who loves them greater and cares about them. Briefly I shared that though my struggles look different than theirs, I still need hope and I find it in Jesus. 

"Can I sit next to you?" 

This from a little girl with dark eyes and 25 colorful barrettes bouncing around her head. She will never know how her one small question stirs my heart, twirls around in my mind and settles into my soul. 


There is room for you. 

Because Jesus gave me a seat at the table, I am compelled to invite others to join me. 

And the point of Easter? Oh wow oh wow oh wow!

His rising grants the power to change me. Saved and delivered from my sin, by His grace! 

Hope for broken people, people like me, and three moms on the other side of the world. 

Can I hear a Hallelujah?

All together now, "Hallelujah! He is risen indeed."

Easter blessings,

PS - Stay posted. There are some changes coming to my blog. I'm trying to contain my excitement :) I can't wait to share it with you but first I have to clean out our screened porch. If I don't show up for a couple weeks, I may be buried either under the piles of junk, or piles of snow!  Always happy to respond to comments/questions.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

funk, flunk and framework

So, here is my question for you. 

What do you do to pull yourself out of a funk? Or when you feel like a flunk?

I've noticed most often it happens when I am operating outside a framework

Now that I have the three words of my title in the post, I will tie it all together, eventually:)

First, here is some life on my non-funk days . . .

New raincoat purchase that I got to wear with the warmer temps this past week. No boots! Walmart $27. Love the POP of color! (Scruffy never one to be left out of a post.)


Finding Spring in hostessing. Simple menu: Stuffed Shells & Green Salad

Home organization. Jars & Bins

All work and no play. My first French Dining experience. Downtown Cleveland with the Fab5 Bible study pals. 

From French to Home Comfy Food. From my oven.

Walking 3 miles now and actually enjoying it. Who woulda thunk it? 

If I ended the post here it would be only telling some of the story. 

One of my determinations in life is to be authentic. 

Sharing not only good and great days but also struggles and failings and funks and flunkings. 

The days where words don't write. The bed calls you back. Energy seems to have left your address. Vision has blurred. 

Back to the beginning question. What's a girl to do to get her mojo back? 

I find that to keep my 118.2 pounds off that I lost last year, I need to operate within a very clear framework. Bouncing around doing what I feel like doing pretty soon has me nibbling plowing my way through Applebee's chip basket. 

Same with the rest of my life. 

God gave me a verse this week that is so simple. So simple I was able to memorize it in one sitting. 

He found me a framework to adjust my thinking and my heart.

"Trust in God, and do good. Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness."
           Psalm 37:3 

God knew I needed some simple instruction to pull me up. 

Trust - lean into God even when I can't see where the day is going.
Do - not what I feel like doing but what makes God smile on my day.
Dwell - (in the land? Still working my way through what this means.) 
Feed - not on chocolate but on God's faithfulness. Befriend His help.

I wish all our days were sunshiny and energetic and walking perfectly with our Savior. Mine aren't and I've a feeling there might be 1 or 2 or 10 of you whose aren't either.

Practicing a few verbs can bring about a big change. Verbs that are inspired by our Loving All-Powerful Designer. A Designer Creator who loves us too much to leave us living as flunks. 

From Funk to Fabulous. Yes, it's possible. Not because I say, but because God says! Now there is something to DWELL on:) 

margi  Always happy to respond to your comments and questions. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

cotton candy bubbleicious hot pink & scale report

I found a great deal on a sweater at Target after Christmas. 

Problem - although I loved the pop of hot pink stripes in it, there was too much gray in the sweater. Made the purchase in optimism.

Answer - find a scarf matching that hot pink stripe. Impossible.

Problem - matching the hot pink color. No scarf found.

Answer - change departments. I spy cotton candy bubbleicious hot pink!

Problem - how to turn this little girl's shirt into something scarf-able, preferably without having to dig out my dusty sewing machine in the faraway attic.

Answer - with a flick of the wrists and double turn I bring you a shirt makeover!

A scarf that almost looks like it has a little collar with it! Just for fun!! Shall I pinterest it?


In keeping with all things pink and on the subject of scales, ahem......

My taste buds succumbed to these sweet little morsels of delicious sweet Cherry Bread. By day's end, I had nibbled my way through the entire piece. Thank you, Bob Evans bakery.

While one piece of sweet bread didn't derail my scales, the mindset shift did. 

Just a matter of time...

Last Monday morning, as my daily habit, I sluggishly stepped onto the scales. I gained 3.6 pounds in just about one day!

Here is my facebook posting one week ago:

"Uh oh. Football game day not good. Gained 3.6 pounds by eating 3 slices pizza, 8 Chip Ahoy cookies, 3 bowls potato chips and cake and more. Just keeping my record and journey honest. Old habits resurrected. Today? Back to one ingredient foods and surrender. If you have a struggle today, you're not alone."

I'm on shifting sand here. Shifting emotions, fluctuating scale readings, oft crumbling resolve.

It has taken me all week to "recover" from my day of mindless frantic eating. Today the scale reads down 1.4 pounds.

Curled up in my favorite chair this morning I read some words from the Word that stir within me - overwhelmed and entangled but clinging to the Rock, our Stronghold. (Psalm 18) 

Hope whispers. 

I pray you hear God's whispers in your story today. I do.


I'll close with some happenings at my house. Shared nuts and fruit/sweet tray with an "old" friend. Pleasant afternoon hours rehearsing memories and blessings.

Getting favors ready for church Host Party gathering this week. Playing with tablescape, dinner for 16. 

This is the second time I have purchased a pad of scrapbooking paper at Walmart to use as placemats. 50 sheets of maybe a dozen coordinating papers for $10. I tell you, these beautiful papers have changed my life (insert smile!) Though I'm not a "scrapper", this find has revolutionized my creative juices in setting pretty tables.  

Have a CHERRY-O day, wherever your place is set!

Thank you for visiting!
margi  Always happy to respond to comments/questions!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

your piece of the pie

One fork. One bite.

For the past 12 months that was my pizza size serving. I don't remember once denying myself! 

It's all a matter of perspective. 

With that word in mind, an official "Sparrow Welcome" into 2013! Here we sit eight days already into this new year. Eight days of bombardment of goal setting, resolution keeping, habit changing, cardio home workouts, gym memberships and more new diet plans all designed to make us "better people."

A good friend of mine gave me this necklace when I finished my 2012 weight loss journey (her daughter makes beautiful jewelry). 

Sparrow landed. And sparrows love trees!

Perspective. Landing. Trees. (Hold on, I promise to tie this post together.)

I have been asked this question often: "What is your plan to maintain your 118.2 pound weight loss?"

Answer: "I'm workin' on it." A plan, that is.

Here is my very early update: I weigh in every day and record my weight. Three weeks out and as of this morning I am under by 2 pounds. Whew - gives me a little wiggle room as I try on new foods and try to figure this out.

I'm taking a little advice from a tree.

1- Stand tall and proud.

2- Go out on a limb.

3- Remember your roots.

4- Drink plenty of water.

I'm not sure what your piece of the pie you are challenged with in this new year. A little like completing a puzzle, gaining some perspective always advances the progress.

When I look at the slice of pizza pictured above (for all who know me, I LOVE pizza and it is one of the foods that calls my name most often), does it look small? Or does it look like JUST ENOUGH?

I remind myself often (very often) that there will always be enough.

There will always be another pizza pie. And more importantly, while perched in the tree, I am reminded that there is enough grace, comfort, forgiveness, refuge, love, companionship, and promises all from God's own hand that will never run out!

Maybe these inspired words will touch your life like they have mine:

He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
He drew me out of deep waters.
He brought me out into a spacious place;
He rescued me because He delighted in me. (selected from Psalm 18)

Twelve months loom ahead of us. A year ago this day, here is what my chalkboard looked like. Began with 7.2 pounds lost week 1.

Whatever small goal or big dream you have in your heart this 2013, go out on a limb. You are in good company!Together we stretch tall and remember our roots.

(And just for the record, is the journey of change and surrender ever going to be easy?  Oh I wish. But that will be another post.)

I'm signing in my first posting of the year in size medium sweats, all comfy and cozy, geared up for the challenges ahead.

With water bottle in flight,
margi  I always respond to comments or questions or if you plain old need some "you can do its" !!!!!