Thursday, October 13, 2011

View in blue and pink and orange

As promised . . . some photos of our recently finished master suite. If you look hard enough, you will find some blue accents mixed in!

view from doorway

How'd he sneak in?

his + hers = ours


Part III view, next blog:  "What is behind these two doors?"

enter pink and orange

'tis the season to replace pinks and purples (oh how I will miss those blooms) with

mr. blue jeans

 lovely view over yonder

A new season

I hope this season finds you . . . . . . satisfied. Yup. That's a good word.

Chasing fun and fashion. Running after prize and possession. Seeking praise and popularity. All are fleeting. And none will deliver true satisfaction.

These words are lifted from 107 chapter of the Psalms:
      "For He satisfies the longing soul."

Bloggy friend, I pray that you know the One who satisfies, Jesus Christ.

If you ever want to chat about your relationship with God, or pumpkins and blue accents, my email is always open as is my front door! (

This is me, a little frizzy but enjoying the changing colors. This is me, the sorta brown sparrow, finding my delight and passion in pointing others to the Source of Life and Satisfaction. 

Thanks for poppin' in,