Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a change of mind & .6

I like a clean clutter-free surface, be it countertops or desktops or tabletops.

Since trading in the work place for home place, I have found once again my love for working in the kitchen. I enjoy surfing the net for new recipes to try. I have found my "baker's hat" again.

Here are some of the changes I've made. (I don't have a picture of the toaster tucked back into the corner by my coffee machine but it is the first time in all our married life it has been allowed to be on display!)

My new Dutch Oven. Now that I finally have one, it stays stove top. Not practical to lug this heavy weapon in and out.

I've had my Kitchen Aid for quite a few years and haul it out for use (seldom). After working on homemade pizza and bread baking these last few weeks, it stays.  It kind of makes me feel a little like a Food Network kind of sparrow!

Oven ready, today's Trial #2 homemade pizza crust and sauce. Rates a B+. Keep searching.

This beautiful bowl I found at a garage sale a couple summers ago. I decided to switch it out for my wire basket. The bottom still had the price tag of fifty cents!

Toaster, dutch oven and a mixer makes three items hanging out with me! A girl can always have a change of mind...

And I almost did.

Remember my previous post weight loss of 20? I had lost another four pounds last week so my new number was 24. That loss propelled me on to my most stellar week in eating and exercising yet. I ate leaner and greener. I substituted a yogurt for the Chinese takeout meal. I passed up on my own chocolate chip cookie bars of pure goodness. I was in high hopes yesterday for another three or four pound loss.

Disbelief. On and off the scales several times. This can't be! My new number for the next seven days reads 23.4.

That's a GAIN of .6 of a pound. What??? Did you ever hear a sparrow growl?

Okay, so I was in a bit of a funk all day. Even Scruff hid under the blanket.

I forgot. I forgot that this journey isn't about beating the scales to get to my "perfect" weight. It isn't a race to quickly arrive at a certain size. Instead, it is a lifetime journey about getting fit and eating healthy and whole foods. It is a journey of finding balance in this out-of-control part of my life.

Yesterday a part of me whispered, "Give it up." 

Another part whispered, "Keep at it." 

I haven't changed my mind. New habits are furiously trying to replace the old ones. The road ahead is steep and the battle is tough. But I've got my second wind.

I've a chalkboard to overcome.

Flyin' forward into March,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the wait in weight


This post is an honest page out of my own journey in the struggle of weight and food issues. If you're not dealing with some hard struggles that almost are getting the best of you, I'm happy to catch you around the corner at the next blog posting. You're excused with my blessings:)

I need to write a disclaimer #2. It reads something like this:

concerning this subject

I have more questions than I have answers.
I have more failure than I have success.
I have a good mindset today, I may not tomorrow.

That being said, if you're still with me, let me ramble a bit of my heart and then share my plan.

I love cheezits, pizza, appetizers, ice cream, M&Ms . . . I'm a carb-lovin' sugar-seekin' girl! I'd rather eat the mashed potatoes and leave the meat. The moderation button seems to be missing in my DNA. This has landed me in a 2x size frame. Problem defined.

I've circled the globe on this personal struggle and although there is so much I don't know, here are a few things I do know.

1. This journey isn't so much about the finish line as it is the run.

2. This struggle is included in God's life-map for me. God wants to use this weakness of mine to showcase His glory.

3. Even the snail eventually made it to the Ark.

okay, here's the simplified version of my plan as it stands today

a. eliminate white sugar and white flour - takes care of most my trigger foods.

b. eat veggies, fruits, lean meats, whole grains. See what's in my fruit basket.

c. drink at least 32 oz. water daily - I'm so grateful that 17 months ago I had my last Diet Coke. Water is now my beverage of choice (I do still enjoy 2 cups of coffee with hubster). I have a large 32 oz. water bottle I keep refilling. Keeps it easy to chug it down and know if I get one bottle finished, I met my requirement.

d. walk 30 minutes minimum 5-6 days/week. This I do at home.

e. surround myself with motivation to stay on course. This comes from blogs, books, media on the subject. Dropped into my inbox  just this morning was this:

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, mirroring our increasing rate of weight gain. It's important to understand that our obesigenic (fat-producing) environment is taking a toll on our health through diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions that are the result of poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Prescription meds treat the symptoms of the disease instead of creating health... We make 1,000 small choices a day, which either contribute to, or erode, our overall physical health. - Dr. Wayne Andersen on Habits of Health

f. weigh-in day is once weekly. Since I needed some major accountability, I chose to follow Tuesday's TV Biggest Loser. I weigh in that morning and post it here on my own family room chalkboard public forum! (I started in the beginning of January.)

my struggles probably aren't yours

I'm a food-aholic. But there is a long line...

porn-aholic . . .

And then there are struggles with pride, fear, anger, speech, worry, bitterness . . .

I really believe that it is in our shared weaknesses, not our strengths, that we have the greatest bond with one another.

in the darkness of the morning came this from Psalm 18

The LORD is my rock and my deliverer;
In distress I called to Him for help;
With His help I can scale a wall; my favorite line
He trains my hands for battle;
His right hand sustains me.

God is writing the text in this journey for each of us. It puts a joy in Sparrow's little heart to know she does not travel alone. Neither do you.

I've a long weigh way to go. But today's new number?  20.0

My mini-goals are 15 pounds. Since I met my first GOAL - and since orange unveiled as a color this spring - my splurge! Can you see it? $25 purse from Penneys.

Thanks for sharing my page,

For comments or questions,