Tuesday, May 15, 2012

crash & no crash

the Crash

It was coming and though inconvenient, not unexpected. My trusty laptop died after years of faithful service. With a new laptop, blogging sparrow returns. I have missed YOU.

snapshots of color

I added pops of color to my world since I chatted with you last. The photos tell the story...

5 dish towels at the kitchen window. No sew. Bright and cheeryo!

dots added

more garage sale finds land on sill

movin' out

Porch makeover. From shabby chic soft pinks and greens to Pops of Color.

swingin' for two

dressed in dots. two windows

old barn siding shelf


friendship blooms

two birds dwell with us

fluffing his feathers before the move

back view: dad's barn next door

I'll share more of our outdoors living space later. Lightweight blankets are neatly folded for cool summer evenings, the lounge chairs are beckoning, the rod iron table is ready to serve up grilled dinners, the flower pots are overflowing, and the birds are singing. Oops, another post:)

the No-Crash

My laptop may have crashed but my pursuit of healthy living hasn't. I am happy to report my latest chalkboard update!


19 weeks. I have come a long ways. I still have a long ways to go. My reward for passing the 50 pound weight loss? I treated myself to more color. New aqua colored sandals!

Slide over right foot one inch and hide the tea spill.


I love how God's Word speaks to our daily life. These past few weeks I have enjoyed a verse out of the Psalms. "Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you."

Need any sustaining power in your life? I sure do.

I was intrigued with the word "sustain" and did a word study. In my findings I unearthed a treasure, a treasure with my name written all over it.

Sustain (kuwl in Hebrew) occurs 37 times in the Old Testament. It means to support; to nourish.

The first time the word is used is found in the book of Genesis. Through a wonderful unfolding of events, God nourished Joseph and his family for the five years of famine ahead.

God sends nourishment, sustaining power and support when we are in need.

For the past 19 weeks on my journey to health, God has nourished my soul. I have to laugh with the Genesis account- "five years of famine ahead!" I imagine that God enjoys watching us smile!


If you're still following me, it is good to journey together. As you enjoy this beautiful season on your own patch of earth, may you experience the nourishment God so freely gives, and we so desperately need.

Still flyin',

monkjo@live.com - for any questions or comments, I'm happy to reply.