Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dots & The Affair of Two Hearts

Take two small bottles of puff paint - I used pink and brown.

Dot the wooden letters. Let dry. Place them in a homemade stand made by hubster. The letters I bought at Pat Catans.

Buy some dotted scrapbooking paper for place settings. (Great bargain at .25 each.)

Fill small bags with M&Ms. Tie with place cards, also dotted with pink and brown puff paint, and coordinating ribbon.

Check seating diagram. Set table.

Voila! My simple tablescape for the Baptist Church Planters' Staff 2nd Annual Reuben Luncheon at our house.

Hubster was Chef for the day.

His Reubens

His Raspberry and Apricot Foldovers

It was a lotta dots and a lotta fun!

Fast forward two days later... Wayne & Wings for the men of our church at our house. No dots. Just lots of good food and friends in the company of John Wayne television.

Chuck asked me in the middle of this busy week what we might like to plan for Valentine's Day.

chirp. chirp. thinking...

Right now tuna fish (white tuna only) sandwiches sound pretty romantic.

Whatever the menu our two hearts decide on, I'm over-the-top-grateful this Valentine's Day for a husband who has the same passion for sharing our home with others.

To salvage my reputation in the lack of a candlelight dinner, here's the mini-card I made for my husband that I'll place on his pillow come February 14th.

Ahem - back to the tuna. What's on your menu?

Love is in the air,